David Garcia

David Garcia, co-founder and CEO of Scout Logic, is an industry leader in the bulk background check world. With his strategic acumen and expertise in the HR sphere, specifically in hiring, recruiting, legal compliance, background checks, and resume screening, he’s an invaluable asset and consultant.

David's counsel extends across the boards of ScoutLogic, YipitData, and Supplier.io, drawing from his impactful stints on the boards of Infutor and Avetta. With an extensive 25-year journey, he champions unparalleled B2B commercial leadership within data & analytics, significantly shaping the HR landscape.
April 06, 2024
How to Succeed in a Panel Interview: 7 Best Tips
The hiring process can be long and arduous. And as all business owners and executives know, the longer the ordeal, the more time and resources are lost that could go to helping your company...
April 05, 2024
6 Justified Reasons for Employee Termination
Terminating an employee should not be taken lightly. While it's always essential to adhere to legal rules and ethical standards that most of us can agree to, there does come a time when a...
April 03, 2024
9 Things to Consider When Rehiring Boomerang Employees
Rehiring a former employee—known as a "boomerang" employee—can benefit both the employer and the employee. It can provide an employer with someone who already knows their culture, values, and...
April 03, 2024
Employee Rescreening vs. Continuous Monitoring
If you work in HR, you'll know that employee retention is just as necessary as recruiting new ones. Learning how to manage current employees should be just as much a priority as learning what...
April 02, 2024
What Is an Exit Interview?
Employment comes and goes. While it may have been a case of 40-year careers with the same organization not too long ago, times have changed, and we now see more movement than ever. Departures from...
March 30, 2024
What Is a Talent Pool in Talent Management?
A talent pool is what recruiters call the database of current and potential candidates. The pool might consist of either current applicants, sourced candidates, or referrals from partners. In short,...
March 29, 2024
What Are the Different Types of Termination of Employment? 
There are several different ways an employer can terminate an employee’s contract. Termination of employment is often the last step in a long process; this could be for a staff member taking...
March 28, 2024
How To Create a Recruitment Plan in 14 Steps
Putting together an effective recruitment plan is what sets professionals apart from amateurs in the world of HR. It can indeed be a make or break for an organization or team. But despite a robust...
March 27, 2024
How To Prove Constructive Dismissal
Constructive dismissal, sometimes known as constructive termination or constructive discharge, is when an employee resigns from their position because they feel they have been a victim of a sudden...