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Healthcare Background Checks

If you are a talent acquisition professional in the healthcare industry, you know how important healthcare background checks are in the hiring process.

What is a healthcare background check?

A healthcare background check includes all the same components of a professional background check with added components that search for any healthcare sanctions. This type of information is critical to ensuring your candidates have not been sanctioned by any professional standards boards.

What are healthcare sanctions?

Healthcare sanction information is a critical component of a background check for medical professionals. Sanction data can come from federal sources, state-level databases, and third-party aggregators of information.

All of this data will provide an employer with any details about sanctions on a potential job candidate. These types of reports typically come in three levels:

  • Level 1. This is a search of a sanctions database that is made up of a 3rd party provider collecting data from multiple states and other regulatory bodies. This is typically the least expensive check. However, it may not be as compliant since it is not using information from the original sources
  • Level 2.This is a search of both a sanctions database and the information based on the state the candidate has lived in.
  • Level 3. This is a search of the sanctions database and every state. This is the most comprehensive search you can perform, but also the most expensive.

Every background screening in the healthcare industry absolutely needs these sanctions searches to protect this especially sensitive workplace. These types of searches are essential for maintaining compliance, accreditation with certification progress, and participating in federal and state health programs.

What else is in a healthcare background check?

In addition to healthcare background checks, the following components are also frequently as part of a healthcare background check.

  • Criminal Searches. These searches, which should include county-level research, provide any criminal records for a job candidate.
  • Verifications. These searches verify a candidate’s education and employment history.
  • Professional License. These searches verify a candidate’s license with a certifying body at the state or national level.
  • Motor Vehicle Records. This search provides any traffic-related information, which is critical if the job candidate may be operating a vehicle on your behalf.
  • Drug Test. This search tests for any controlled substances.

Please note, not all of the above components are required for every type of position. For example, a hospital food service worker does not need a professional license or motor vehicle records search. The specific job position may also require occupational health services, such as physicals, titers, and vaccines.

Your background check provider should have a partnership that can include these types of services in the background check process to help deliver a smooth onboarding experience for your candidates.

ScoutLogic’s Healthcare Background Checks Are Best-In-Class

ScoutLogic performs thousands of healthcare background checks annually. Our mission is to make background checks easy for recruiters during their employment screening. Medical talent acquisition is incredibly competitive and your recruiters’ time needs to be spent on finding great talent, not on chasing down background checks.

With our access to best-in-class data sources and our “Scout” model; you will have a background check partner who can meet your needs. Healthcare recruiters prefer ScoutLogic based on our “Scout” model, which assigns researchers to specific accounts. Instead of calling into a general call center, your Scout acts as an extension of your recruiting team. This extra resource improves turnaround time, data quality, and delivers a great recruiter & candidate experience.

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