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MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) Check Service

MVR Checks, also known as Motor Vehicle Report Checks or Motor Vehicle Records Checks, can be an important indicator of whether a potential employee is a safe and reliable motor vehicle driver. Motor Vehicle record checks will provide additional traffic-related offenses that may not be available through a background check with just criminal components.

Do you want to know more about a potential or current employee’s motor vehicle driving history? Here’s what you need to know about our MVR check services.

Why Do You Need to Perform Motor Vehicle Checks?


If your company is regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), you are required by law to request full MVR checks (see below on DOT components, or contact ScoutLogic and we can help you) on all commercial drivers each year. Additionally, employers may choose to request driving records for potential or current employees as a way to monitor their driving behavior, mitigate their risk as an employer, and comply with all local and federal regulations.

It’s important to review your candidate’s driving records and safety data to ensure that you, as an employer, are making the right hiring decision. An MVR driving record check will help you:

  •  Identify qualified candidates who have safe driving records behind them
  •  Maintain proper safety protocols
  •  Minimize company risk
  •  Protect company employees, customers, and business assets
  •  Maintain your business reputation as trustworthy and safe
  •  Protect your company against liability claims

What Information Do I Need to Run an MVR Check?

A standard MVR dives deep into a state’s DMV resources to confirm the validity of an individual’s license and identify any violations. Most driving records will go back three years, but many go as far back as five years or even ten.

When you conduct an MVR through the state of license issuance, it will identify the name of the individual as well as their license issue date, expiration date, status, number, and type. It also includes any endorsements, restrictions, suspensions, and other violations.

The information you’ll need to run an MVR check includes:

  •  Individual’s full name as it appears on their driver’s license
  •  The state where the license was issued
  •  The number of the license

The information you’ll receive from an MVR report includes:

  •  Their driver’s license status
  •  License class
  •  Any driving related felony or misdemeanor convictions
  •  Moving violations, restrictions, or license suspensions

 How ScoutLogic Can Help

 ScoutLogic supports employers eager to vet their candidates and make quick, appropriate hiring decisions. We offer a large selection of state driving records search resources and DOT searches. Some of our service options include driving checks through:

  •  CDLIS - Commercial Driver’s License Information System through AAMVA
  •  PSP - Pre-Employment Screening Program
  •  FMCSA - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  •  Continuous Monitoring (through our Samba Safety partnership)
We provide MVR checks quickly so that employers aren’t delaying their hiring process and candidates can find out their results sooner. We work with best-in-class vendors and access the best data so you can get the same search depth and quality you get from global providers at a price that won’t break the bank.

If you’re ready to know more about your candidates’ driving record and build a safe team, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an expert at Scoutlogic today.

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