How To Succeed With Remote Recruiting - Review & Summary

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Posted by: David Garcia

Topics: Recruitment

At ScoutLogic, we are always looking for content from industry leaders to help us improve. We recently came across the Forbes guest post written by David Windley, CEO of IQTalentPartners. The article, “How to Succeed with Remote Recruiting” provides valuable, practical insights on how to recruit remotely. 

David’s key points included:
Employer Branding. With in-person visits likely not possible, David recommends maximizing your digital presence to ensure it is consistent with your brand and exciting for candidates. From recognizing outstanding employees to upgrading your LinkedIn company profile to being responsive on Glassdoor

Virtual Interviews. David recommends your team have competency in whatever platform you are using for interviews. From Zoom to BlueJeans to WebEx, each platform has its nuances. You also want to ensure your recruiters have an appropriate background, which also conveys your employer brand.

Challenge Your Biases. David writes, “The biggest obstacle most employers must overcome when they move to remote hiring is that they feel they must see the candidate in-person to know that they are "the one" and to know if they will be a culture fit.” At ScoutLogic, we have been working remotely for three years, and we can attest to this statement. The great news is that if you now have a broader geographic footprint, your talent pool has dramatically increased. This offers new opportunities for recruiting from diverse populations making your company even stronger.

When it comes to recruiting remotely, in addition to David’s advice, you will want to ensure your background check process is integrated as well. Make sure your authorization forms are mobile device friendly and can capture any necessary information electronically. Work with your current vendor to understand any significant delays in your area due to Covid court closures. You always want to make sure the background check process is consistent with your overall desired recruiting experience, not detracting from it and potentially costing you candidates!

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