Recruiting Post-Covid, What Will Change, What Will Stay The Same? Interview With Ed Daugherty

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Posted by: David Garcia

Topics: Recruitment, News/PR

In our next interview series, I'll be talking to businesses in different industries to see how recruiting has changed for them throughout the pandemic and what changes they expect to see sticking around long-term as we start getting back to "normal".

In this interview I talk with Ed Daugherty, Co-Founder and COO of IntellaPro & Affinity Resources.

In our conversation we talk about the changes they faced in light of the pandemic and how those changes impacted their staffing and recruiting. Ed talks about specific challenges they faced, and the solutions they came up with.

Additionally, we talked about what changes they found worked well and plan on keeping after we get back to "normal" and areas that they are looking forward to bringing bac.

Many of the same recruiting and on-boarding challenges came up during the shift with Covid-19, and Ed shared with me some very creative and effective solutions, check it out:

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