Case Study Series: Interview With Kurt Baker ~ HR Manager

David Garcia CEO

Interviewed by David Garcia

Kurt Baker

Recruiters trust recruiters, especially when it comes to working with vendor partners to find great talent for their companies.  In that spirit, ScoutLogic is sharing a number of video interviews with our valued clients sharing their experiences with us.
The first interview in our Case Study Series is with Kurt Baker, Human Resources Manager at MPW Industrial Services. MPW Industrial Cleaning is North America's leading provider of automated industrial cleaning services for power, steel, pulp and paper, refining, automotive and manufacturing companies. MPW assists in enhancing operational efficiencies, improving reliability and minimizing costs. Their highly qualified and thoroughly trained personnel promptly respond to client's needs, delivering services with the highest ethical standards and commitment to safety.
MPW has a diverse candidate population, from skilled to unskilled positions.  MPW is also a supporter of Second Chance Hiring as part of its talent acquisition strategies.  MPW recruits hundreds of candidates per year and an efficient and seamless on-boarding experience is critical so they can get their employees on the job as quickly as possible.

In the video below, Kurt talks about how they wanted to select a background check company that could return reports faster with a higher level of service.  Kurt shared that with their prior provider, they frequently had long delays and poor candidate service.  With ScoutLogic, Kurt shares, they have seen big improvements in both speed and service.  With ScoutLogic's background check services, Kurt can count on us to support his recruiting & on-boarding needs.

Kurt, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with ScoutLogic!






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