Working From Home Best Practices With Laurie Ruth From CCC  

David Garcia CEO

Interviewed by David Garcia

Laurie Ruth

Covid-19 forced companies to quickly adapt a work from home strategy to maintain business continuity. Once it became clear that a remote workplace was moving from temporary to several months (and maybe longer!), many companies began to develop longer-term initiatives to address employee engagement. 

ScoutLogic's Work from Home Best Practices Series is interviewing leaders from companies with very strong cultures to share their stories on improving employee engagement during Covid-19. Our series's first interview is with Laurie Ruth, the Senior Director of Human Resources for CCC Information Services.

CCC Information Services offers software solutions, analytical tools, and comprehensive data that focuses on integrated claims management, collision repair, and insurance estimating services. CCC Information Services has over 2,400 employees and hundreds of consultants working across many locations to serve their clients.

In the video, Laura shares how CCC's employee collaboration made a difference in making the transition as seamless as possible. She also shared how the company's leadership was committed to taking an inclusive approach and how the company is working to effectively onboard new employees.

If you would like to learn more about practical ideas to work remotely, please click this link to download our Work From Home tips checklist.

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