Background Check Compliance During COVID: Interview with Montserrat Miller

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Posted by: David Garcia

Topics: Compliance, News/PR

As talent acquisition professionals continue to hire and on-board during Covid, background check compliance continues to be an essential consideration.  Just because there is a global pandemic does not mean there are any exemptions from the Fair Credit Reporting Act!

Joining us today is Montserrat Miller, who shares her perspective on the impact of Covid on background checks and what’s on the horizon for compliance and litigation.  Montserrat Miller is a partner with the law firm Arnall Golden Gregory in Atlanta, Georgia.  She is co-chair of the firm’s data privacy practice group as well as leads the firm’s background screening industry team that focuses on advising clients—employers and background screening companies—on compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, fair chance hiring laws, and state laws related to background checks for employment screening purposes.  The team also handles a good amount of FCRA-related litigation.  Montserrat is also outside counsel for ScoutLogic.   

In her interview, Montserrat shares the importance of remaining nimble during Covid.  With many jurisdictions experiencing substantial delays due to Covid related court closures, it is more important than ever for employers to review their policies and associated background check authorizations & disclosures to ensure they are covered.  Montserrat also talks about how adapting to technologies that can collect consents electronically and securely during Covid may help improve your compliance protection.  Finally, Montserrat discusses why remaining vigilant with up-to-date policies and documentation is critical as we go into 2021.


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ScoutLogic is not a law firm.  You should always check with qualified counsel before you make any changes to your background check program.  If you need a qualified attorney, we would be happy to connect you with Montserrat.


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