Case Study Series: Interview with Nikki Adkins, Custom Staffing

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Posted by: David Garcia

Topics: Recruitment, News/PR

The next interview in our background check services case study series is with Nikki Adkins, Director of Operations, at Custom Staffing. Finding a great background check company plays an essential role in a company’s hiring processes, and Nikki shares their experiences with ScoutLogic in this short video.

Custom Staffing's mission is to provide its customers with comprehensive employment services while offering every employee a significant and rewarding career opportunity.  Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Lima, Ohio, Custom Staffing has distinguished itself as a personable and professional staffing firm. They pride themselves on being successful in placing career seekers with the right skill set so they can succeed at the job and add to a pleasant and productive work environment for our client.

Custom Staffing primarily recruits for light industrial positions.  These positions are in an incredibly competitive labor market in their regions.  In that competitive candidate pool, Custom Staffing needed a background check partner to help them place candidates to maintain high client satisfaction.  Unfortunately, slow background checks or delays in answering recruiter questions often leads to losing candidates.  For a high volume, fast-growing staffing agency like Custom Staffing, that is simply unacceptable.

Unfortunately, with their prior provider, Custom Staffing had several challenges. Background checks were taking anywhere from 4 to 17 days to come back.  In addition to slow background checks, Custom Staffing was also double-billed for background checks.  The prior provider also was not responsive to service needs, and all of these issues impacted their time-to-fill rate.

Since switching to ScoutLogic, Custom Staffing has had a much better background check service.  Background checks typically come back the same day.  Billing also has improved, with ScoutLogic providing both accurate billing and providing detail for each Custom Staffing location.  Customer service has also improved dramatically, with substantial improvements in response times.

ScoutLogic is so grateful to Nikki and Custom Staffing for the great partnership!



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