Is Your Background Check Company Failing your Recruiters?

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Posted by: David Garcia May 25, 2021

Background Checks Are a Recruiting Speed Bump

A recruiter’s mission is to find great talent as efficiently as possible for their company.

Background checks are a crucial part of the onboarding process, but also can delay hiring…which no recruiter wants.

These are three of the most frequent pain points we hear from recruiters.

1. Unexpected Delays

While many county court systems return records under a day, there are some that can take several days due to antiquated systems. Additionally, during Covid, many courts have substantial backlogs as their operations were partially shut down during the outbreak.

If you are a recruiter, knowing about those delays is critical so you can manage candidate expectations and potentially schedule a different onboarding date.

Most background check companies will make the recruiter proactively call wondering where the check is, but at ScoutLogic we proactively communicate any delays and publish all ETAs in our report notes if a recruiter needs a fast answer.

Your recruiter should never have to chase the background check company.

2. Candidates Not Taking Drug Tests

A candidate not taking a drug test can dramatically slow down a background check process.

Most background check companies leave it up to the recruiter to follow up with candidates, but recruiters shouldn’t have to chase candidates down.

At ScoutLogic, we proactively follow up with candidates to remind them to go take their drug test. This persistence often leads to faster results for recruiters, so they can get great talent to work.

3. Returned Verifications

Most background check companies don’t like verifications.
Automated verifications, like through Equifax’s work number, are easy, but the challenge comes when there are smaller companies or high schools that need to be verified.

Most background check companies will make three basic attempts (either a phone call or an email) and, if they don’t get an answer, they tell the recruiter they were “unable to verify”, so all the work falls back on your team.

Most background check companies will quote an unable to verify rate of 20%, but it is actually much higher when you remove those automated verifications.

At ScoutLogic, our unable to verify rate is under 8%, as we know getting these verifications done on our side takes work off your recruiter’s plate. We accomplish this by having more people, making more attempts, and incenting on completion… all so the work doesn’t fall back on recruiters.

ScoutLogic Can Help

Our mission is to make background checks easy for recruiters. Our unique “Scout” model acts as an extension of your talent acquisition team so we are all working together to hire great people for your company.

Our Scout service model will proactively advise you of potential delays, follow-up with candidates on drug tests, and our industry-low, unable-to-verify rate on verifications will take work off your recruiter’s desks. Contact us to see if we can help.

Background Checks Should Be Easy for Recruiters

Learn how ScoutLogic can make your recruiting faster, safer, and easier!


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