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Posted by: David Garcia

Topics: Human Resources, Recruitment

At ScoutLogic, we are always looking for content that helps our clients and ourselves improve our recruiting and onboarding efforts. During COVID, this has been especially challenging as companies continue to hire, but often without the in-person benefit of working with new employees. We recently came across this great article from Dignomica on The HR Challenge: Onboarding New Starters Remotely by Salesforce’s Jenny Shiers.

The article talks about the importance of communication and transparency as key to Salesforce’s efforts to onboarding. Jenny writes, “At Salesforce, we have built an onboarding process that works remotely but still encompasses our culture. We want all new joiners to understand and align with our founding vision of a company centered around trust, customer success, innovation, and equality.”

We also appreciated Jenny’s comments on how to stay human in a remote world, with practical ideas such as:

  • Zoom calls with long-term employees who can help share the company’s values from their personal perspectives.
  • Virtual hangouts for employees who start around the same time to help build community and share ideas.
  • Checking in with new employees via well-being surveys.
  • Introducing new employers to diversity networks and equality groups internally and externally.

Lastly, Jenny talked about the importance of continuous culture. Even during these uncertain times, focusing on building culture continuously is critical, so you don’t take a step back. At ScoutLogic, we believe culture is a muscle that needs to be worked daily to leverage our remote work environment fully. Jenny closes by covering one of Salesforce’s values (which is ours too at ScoutLogic), and that is the concept of Ohana, which is Hawaiian for family. It more important than ever for new and tenured employees to support one another, especially when working remotely. At ScoutLogic, we recognize these values on our twice-monthly all-hands calls, so we all can appreciate and reinforce these vital behaviors.

You can read the full article here.


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