How to Do Background Checks on Employees: The Complete Guide

Background checks are one of the many responsibilities a business owner has while growing their businesses....

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FCRA Compliance: The Complete Guide for Employers

Introduction - What is FCRA Compliance

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law passed in 1970 that...

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What is an Employment Verification? What You Need to Know

When hiring someone, their prior employment history is an important consideration in their ability to perform.


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What is a Background Check?

The purpose of pre-employment background checks is to gather information about a candidate’s history to determine if...

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Marijuana in The Workplace: What You Need To Know

With over half of the 50 states legalizing some form of cannabis, it’s important for employers to understand the...

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FREE Download - Background Check Services: Trends and Uses

Professional background checks are key to help safeguard today’s increasingly globalized workforce. A new survey...

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Tips for Choosing a Background Check Company | ScoutLogic

Recent changes in the background check industry have been incredibly valuable for those companies' shareholders, but...

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What Are Ban-The-Box Laws? What Employers Need To Know

The process of hiring is complex. An employer must follow certain guidelines to bring new employees into their...

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Calculating Prices for Background Checks | ScoutLogic

All background checks are not created equal.  Background checks have many different components or searches that...

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What is in a Background Check?

A background check consists of components based on the type of position a job candidate is applying for.  A...

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