Background Check 101 (2)

How Is Recruitment Hire Cost Per Hire Calculated?

The recruitment process can be long and drawn out at the best of times. It can also be pretty expensive with the time,...

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How to Avoid Negligent Hiring Claims

As an employer, your primary responsibility is the safety of your customers and your employees. An essential component...

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Why are Pre-Employment Background Checks Important?

As an employer or hiring manager, performing a pre-employment background check allows you to verify and confirm the...

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10 Types of Background Checks

The background screening process is an essential part of hiring new staff members. It ensures that the candidate is who...

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What Is an MVR Check?

When hiring within the transportation industry, a general background check often doesn't go deep enough to provide the...

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What Is the Average Time to Hire?

Finding the right candidate for a role can be time-consuming, and sometimes it simply takes too long. You need someone...

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How Long is a Background Check Valid For? What To Know

If you need to maintain a safe and productive work environment, your employees must be trustworthy. Background checks...

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How to Establish Salary Ranges? A Basic Guide

Salary ranges are of enormous importance to both employers and employees. As a company, you need to know how much to...

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What Is a Reference Check & How To Conduct One

Hiring is not an easy task. Even with a designated team of human resource professionals in your organization, hiring...

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What Causes Candidates to Fail an Employee Background Check?

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you know that background checks are essential to understand whether or not an...

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