How Do Background Check Reporting Requirements Vary by State?

Legislation surrounding the restrictions placed on background screening services varies widely between states. Though...

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How to Conduct a Social Media Background Check

Background checks ensure the safety of current staff members and customers alike and assure companies that they haven't...

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How to Avoid Negligent Hiring Claims

As an employer, your primary responsibility is the safety of your customers and your employees. An essential component...

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What Is Generational Diversity in the Workplace?

The most successful companies also tend to be the most diverse. But while we typically associate diversity in...

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How to Write an Inclusive Job Description

Having an inclusive workplace offers benefits like improved employee morale, higher job satisfaction, increased...

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What Is Unconscious Bias in Hiring?

The human brain makes decisions in the blink of an eye. Often this works well for us and helps avoid danger, like...

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What Are the Best Social Media Recruiting Strategies?

Social media has redefined the recruiting landscape. Gone are the days of recruiters placing ads in the classifieds or...

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What Are the Benefits of AI for Recruiting?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be one of the fastest-growing tools to enhance business efficiency. It is no...

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Differences Between National, Federal, State, and County Checks

Background checks for potential employees can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. They help organizations identify...

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New York City Fair Chance Act Amendment: What to Know

The New York City Fair Chance Act (FCA), also sometimes referred to as the “ban the box” law, ensures that those with a...

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