Human Resources

Should We Be Double and Re-screening Employees?

Hiring the right people for the job is essential to your company's success. Background checks streamline the screening...

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How to Help Prevent Workplace Violence With Pre-employment Screening

Violence in the workplace is increasing, a reflection of how violent acts are also growing in society. These are...

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What's the Value of a College Degree for Employers?

As tuition costs continue to rise, young high school graduates face a difficult question: is it worth the burden of...

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6 Types of Pre-Employment Screening

When it comes to the recruitment process, there is nothing more critical to a company than finding the right candidate....

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The Importance of Employment History Verification

Employment history verification is one of the most critical steps in the hiring process. But it’s not something all...

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What To Do When Your Candidate Fails a Background Check

The person who seemed like the perfect candidate for the job failed the background check. You may have offered them the...

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7 Examples of a Good HR Strategy

HR management is the glue that holds the company together. Its organizational role has become more vital in the last...

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How to Prepare for a Technical Interview

Are you preparing for your first technical interview but don’t know where to start? 

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What Is a Human Resources Management System (HRMS)?

The role of human resources (HR) has arguably never been more complex and varied than it is today. Those working in HR...

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Which Type of Hiring/Placement Interview Is the Most Common?

Sitting down for a placement interview is stressful enough, but interviews can take many forms nowadays. Knowing what...

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