Case Study Series: Transcript - Interview with Kurt Baker

The first interview in our Case Study Series is with Kurt Baker, Human Resources Manager at MPW Industrial Services.

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What Is the Role of HR Compliance?

Quick quiz: Who does Human Resources (HR) exist to protect?

The answer is and always will be the company.

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What Is Human Resource Management? What To Know

Human Resource Management (HRM) is a department of professionals that manages all aspects of the business related to...

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The Pros and Cons of Recruiting Internally

After spending enough time in a recruiter or HR role or any position overseeing these roles, you realize that hiring...

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5 Attributes To Look for in Recruits That Improve Retention

Companies invest immense amounts of time and money into hiring employees. Building and retaining an exceptional team...

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Onboarding the Next Generation — A Playbook for Recruiting Gen Z

As Gen Zers begin to make their way into the workforce, it can be challenging to understand this new generation, and...

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10 Ways Employers Can Incentivize Working Parents

New parents have a lot to contend with, and that is before considering their relationship with their managers....

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Best Background Checks For Retail & Hospitality

As the threat of COVID-19 slows, the retail and hospitality industry has begun to reopen their doors to the public. ...

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Resume Screening — The Complete Guide For Recruiters

When a new position opens up, hundreds of people will apply for the coveted spot. Hours can fly by while recruiting,...

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20 Best Questions To Ask During A Tech Job Interview in 2021

Once your company gets big enough, hiring will become a full-time, year-round process. It's why most large-scale...

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