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What Is Full-Cycle Recruiting?

Sometimes organizations face issues like low recruitment rates or a period of hiring under qualified or unsuitable...

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What Is a Hiring Surge?

Businesses that don’t prepare adequately for a hiring surge could face many challenging situations. When an...

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6 Best Background Check Services of 2022

To hire the perfect candidate, you need to know who you're inviting to your team. Recruiting the wrong person can be...

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What is a ScoutLogic Scout, and How Do They Help Recruiters?

ScoutLogic specializes in completing quick, thorough, and compliant background checks that give recruiters the gift of...

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Why Is My Background Check Taking Longer Than Usual?

Delays in any necessary process can feel frustrating and worrying, especially when it comes to pre-employment...

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What Causes a Red Flag in a Background Check?

Background checks are a typical component of the recruiting process—and for a good reason. Recruiters hope that...

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Can Background Checks See Juvenile Records?

Background screening is a vital part of the recruitment process. These inquiries reassure employers that the applicant...

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How Far Back Do Background Checks Go?

Conducting a background check before hiring an employee is a must. Recruiting professionals can use background checks...

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How to Conduct a Social Media Background Check

Background checks ensure the safety of current staff members and customers alike and assure companies that they haven't...

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Do Background Checks Show Medical History?

Background screening is an essential part of the recruitment process, but certain types of information can sometimes...

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