How Long Should A Background Check Take?

This article helps you understand how long checks should take, how to reduce the risk of delayed checks, and how best to manage candidate expectations.

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What is Adverse Action?

Adverse action is any action you take based on the information in a background check report that negatively affects someone’s employment. 

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What is Ban the Box Laws-1

What are Ban the Box Laws?

Ban-the-box laws are designed to remove the stigma that is associated with previous convictions and give all applicants a fair chance at employment.

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What is Drug Testing?

What is Drug Testing?

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How Much Does A Background Check Cost

What is the cost of a background check?

All background checks are not created equal. Background checks have many different components or searches that determine the parameters of the final report. This article will help you understand background check pricing models to ensure that you are getting the best value for your company.

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What is in a Background Check_

What is in a Background Check?

To design a background check, you should work with a background check company to select the components you need in order to ensure a comprehensive and compliant program.

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