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Drive Partnership Revenue from Background Checks

You have built a great customer community, but are under pressure to continue to grow your business. To fuel your growth, you want to drive incremental revenue by providing value-added services to your community. By partnering with ScoutLogic, you can bring best-in-class background check solutions to your customers. ScoutLogic’s partner program provides a turnkey solution to enable you to drive revenue from selling background check solutions to your customers.


Revenue Opportunity

Every company needs a background check program, making the addressable market incredibly large. If you are already selling in human resources, HR tech, or staffing related services, your client is likely already buying background checks. Unfortunately, most companies are disappointed in their background check provider as the industry trends have been to reduce operating costs to improve margins. With ScoutLogic, you can provide them a great background check solution and monetize your customer relationships. ScoutLogic offers a variety of partnership financial models-from referral fees to revenue sharing to re-sellers--based on what works best for your company.

Robust Service

Given how hard you have worked to win new clients, you need partners whose commitment to service reflects positively on your brand. ScoutLogic is the background check firm that focuses on service and making background checks easy for recruiters. ScoutLogic delivers on its service value proposition with its unique "Scout" model, where clients have dedicated contacts and proactive service. All our clients are referenceable, and we have best-in-class customer satisfaction scores.

Marketing Toolkit

Most companies have marketing resources that are resource-constrained. To make it easy for partners, ScoutLogic has a turnkey marketing program that includes co-branded campaigns, sales presentations, sales messaging, competitive battle cards, content marketing programs, and web site messaging. You will benefit from ScoutLogic's marketing experience to efficiently acquire new customers.

Sales Support

Your own salespeople are focused on selling your solutions. To support a background check partner program, ScoutLogic provides comprehensive sales support. This includes sales training, role-plays with objection handling, and deal support. Deal support can either be behind-the-scenes or on customer calls, whatever is best for your organization.

Technology Friendly

ScoutLogic's technology platform is partner-friendly. From co-branding your partner portal to a full-integration with your platform, ScoutLogic makes it easy to meet your needs. ScoutLogic's API is a universal development connector that gives you the ability to integrate with custom systems easily. You can also take advantage of ScoutLogic's easy-to-use development portal that gives you access to the entire API with robust documentation.


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Want to learn more about how you can drive incremental revenue from a background check partnership? Click on the link below to receive ScoutLogic's free eBook on how to monetize your customer community with background checks.