Professional License Verification Service

Many jobs, such as healthcare or financial positions, require a license to legally perform the work. For employers in this position, you should perform professional license verification on all potential hires.

Having these checks built into your hiring process is critical as it’s the employer’s responsibility to certify a new hire’s credentials.

What Are Professional License Verifications?

A professional license verification validates that a candidate’s license is valid and current.

By not performing this type of verification, you are exposing your organization to a negligent hiring claim.

Why Conduct Professional License Checks?

Unfortunately, job candidates may falsify their credentials in order to gain employment. If these candidates are applying for positions that require a license, such as a Registered Nurse or Certified Public Account position, you have exposure if they are not properly credentialed.

These types of verifications can also be used for virtually any role that has a certifying body including a wide variety of other licenses and certifications such as those applicable to the technology, safety, security, energy, and healthcare industries.

The good news: your background check provider can conduct these types of license verifications as part of a background check or as a one-off search. The background check company will gather the license information from the candidate and then they should validate directly with the certifying body.

What Information is in a Professional License Check?

Most background check companies will provide the following information as part of a professional license check:

  • License type and current status
  • Date of issuance
  • License identifying numbers
  • Date of expiration
  • Any sanction information

If there is a discrepancy in the information, the background check company will then highlight the difference for you in the final report. These types of verifications typically take 1-2 business days. In addition to the fee your background check partner charges, more certifying bodies are also charging an additional fee for accessing their information.

ScoutLogic’s Professional License Verifications Service

ScoutLogic performs thousands of professional license verifications annually. As a busy recruiter, you don’t have time to conduct these verifications yourself.

ScoutLogic’s mission is to make background checks easy for recruiters. Our “Scout” model, which assigns a researcher to your team becomes an extension of your talent acquisition team. This model improves turnaround time, increases quality, and delivers a great recruiter and candidate experience.

ScoutLogic can help you determine what types of components should be in a background check program, schedule a free assessment.

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