Executive Management Background Check Service

Why Do You Need to Perform Background Checks on Executives & Managers?


The top executive employees of your company are extensions of the company’s brand. They carry your brand into the most important spheres, including spaces with media, shareholders, clients, and other essential personnel. The nature of their work may also connect them to sensitive information, future plans, and personnel data.

With this visibility and access, you will want to be sure you conduct a thorough and extensive executive background check to search for any red flags or potential issues. This background check is part of the hiring process that will help you dive into a complete history of the potential executive employee.

Investing in an executive background check before hiring will bring you:

  •  Reduction in risk for potential high-profile candidates
  •  Assistance in hiring the right candidate
  •  Protection for your reputation and brand

An executive level employee search presents special challenges in the hiring process. As top candidates, they will have extensive professional histories that need a thorough examination and background check. The applicant who makes the cut will be influential in your organization, thus necessitating the need for a complete executive background check and employment screening prior to hiring.

What’s Included in An Executive Background Check?

Executive background checks go beyond your standard background checks when it comes to hiring. An executive background check will delve into an applicant’s criminal background, verify education and employment records, vet references, and can even help with drug testing. This employment screening process is more in-depth than what most automated systems provide.

These checks are extensive for a reason. Typically, a high-level executive will be around for a while when you hire them. You want to hire the person that is in it for the long-haul without compromising the integrity of your company. Taking the time to find these details with an executive background check will give you the full picture of who is trying to become part of your company.

While different background check verification companies offer different search options, you should look for one offering the following:

Verifying employment history can also be customized to different time frames. Often the reporting history is set to the past seven years, ten years, or what is legally permissible in your jurisdiction. These adjustable windows are great for executive applicants because they will likely have extensive histories to explore.

Depending on the nature of your work, you might have the need to search industry specific records, like history of civil court proceedings, healthcare sanctions, or employment credit. Ask about these additional search terms if you have specific areas to investigate before hiring. For example, you may require information on Fair Credit Reporting Act violations. Only an FCRA-compliant company can look into this (and ScoutLogic is FCRA-compliant!).

It might be nice to take a candidate at their word, but you do not want to take this risk when hiring for an important executive or management role. Someone could easily inflate their qualifications, mask why they left a position, or omit material from criminal records. Employing trained professionals with a background screening can either strengthen the applicant or help you avoid a catastrophe. Consider the risks you need to mitigate before hiring and invest in an executive background check.

Why You’ll Need Professional Help to Carry It Out

The depth of the executive level background check takes both time and skill, thus necessitating the need to hire professional assistance. A professional will go beyond standard searches produced by automated systems. This assistance will reduce the risk your company is taking when they hire someone.

Specialized analysts understand the investment you are making into high-risk or high-profile candidates, so they exercise due diligence to conduct executive background checks to match this need. The finished product will give you a verified account of the applicant credentials. The detailed information gathered will deliver a comprehensive guide to the candidate’s personal and professional history in a simple report.

This professional assistance can help make hiring smooth and simple – or save you from a disastrous mistake.

How ScoutLogic Can Help

There are many executive background check companies out there – so why turn to ScoutLogic for your needs?

We understand the sensitivity of the information you are seeking with the executive background check. Perhaps you want to avoid the hassle of contacting a candidate’s sources or simply do not have the time to dedicate to the process. Outsourcing to us will keep the executive background check process impartial while guaranteeing a thorough employment screening.

Contact an expert at ScoutLogic to get started on your executive background check!

Dedicated Team

Our business runs on a model where a “Scout” is assigned to your business. This “Scout,” or researcher, will get to know your business and recruiter to better serve you and your candidates. We replace a faceless call center with a personal connection who is there to be your resource. In a way, we are part of your team too.

Additionally, the work at ScoutLogic cannot be matched. Some companies will only attempt to secure information three times before chalking it up as an “unable-to-verify.” We make the attempts necessary to get the information you need. Our “unable-to-verify” rate is less than ten percent! We know executive background checks require more effort and consideration. We put forth this effort in every search we do.

Candidate Connections

ScoutLogic also works to be convenient to your applicant. After all, they are interviewing you as much as you are interviewing them! For example, each of our drug testing locations are conveniently located with ample scheduling options. We even offer eScreen’s “instant eCup” product to produce efficient turnaround times.

Sometimes background checks require additional input from the applicant. Rather than relying on your recruiter to pressure the executive candidate to take their drug tests, we step in and handle that for you. If we have a particularly challenging bump in the process, like a hard-to-reach employer or elusive high school verification, we can ask the executive applicant directly. We aim to alleviate your workload – not add to it.

Proactive and Informative

Often the last step in the hiring process is waiting on the return of the background check. ScoutLogic strives to be an asset to you, not a hindrance. Our efficient search processes produce the necessary information in a respectable time frame. We proactively notify you of updates, delays, or issues as we move through the executive search process. We never want you refreshing a page endlessly while waiting for news. Instead, we provide daily updates, so you always know the status of your search.

Transparent Partnership

When you work with ScoutLogic, you are embarking on a path where we travel both ways. This is not a one-sided relationship where you give more than you get. Instead, this is a partnership formed on transparent and strong communication to help your employment search needs. We will provide clear pricing with understandable and fair contract terms. Need to change your background check package? No problem! That takes just one business day! Our executive background checks will be worth it.

Contact a professional at ScoutLogic to see how we can be your partner in executive background checks and more!

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