Dedicated Service Model. Faster Background Checks. Proactive Updates.
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ScoutLogic Advantage

Our Scout Service Model is incredibly responsive to recruiter needs so you can
focus on finding great talent.

Dedicated Service Model

You will be assigned a dedicated Scout who operates as an extension of your team. ScoutLogic has best-in-class customer satisfaction scores.

Faster Background Checks

Our Scout service model enables us to return checks faster and with more accuracy.Most checks return in less than one day and our dispute rate is .02%.

Proactive Updates

You do not have to chase the status of a background check and your Scout will proactively notify you of any issues so you can stay focused on finding great talent.

ScoutLogic Performance

ScoutLogic's criminal searches average well under 1 day versus the industry average of 1-3 days. ScoutLogic's unique supply chain process returns results faster and enables us to proactively alert you to any delays.

<1 day Criminal

ScoutLogic's verifications searches average under 3 days versus the industry average of 4-6 days. ScoutLogic utilizes a variety of tools to verify employment and education faster than the competition.

<3 Days

ScoutLogic's dispute rate is .005% versus the industry average of 2%-3%. ScoutLogic's rigorous quality control processes provide results that lower your litigation risk.

Dispute Rate

ScoutLogic's unable to verify rate is <10% versus the industry average of 20% to 25%. ScoutLogic goes the "extra mile" to track down hard to verify employers so your recruiters can stay focused.

<10% Unable to
Verify Rate


What we offer

ScoutLogic provides a full set of background check components to meet your needs.


Federal, State & Local
Criminal Records Checks

ScoutLogic offer a full range of country,
federal, and international criminal
components to ensure complete coverage.


Employment History

ScoutLogic verifies employment history
to validate your candidate's prior
employment, including "going the
extra mile" on manual verifications.


Motor Vehicle Record Checks

ScoutLogic offers Motor Vehicle Reports
in all 50 states plus the District of
Columbia. The MVR report provides
history over the last three to seven years
depending on the violation type and state.


Education Verifications

ScoutLogic offers verification of
education credentials that confirm
degree received, course of study, and
dates of attendance. Our service is able
to provide degree verification at
secondary, collegiate, and post graduate


Sex Offender Registry Searches

The Sex Offender Registry Check
is a multi-state search provides broad
coverage so that you don’t miss important
sex offender data from non-resident states.
The data returned includes the date of
registration and current status.


Drug & Alcohol Screening

ScoutLogic can provide access to
negative drug test results in as little as 15
minutes using lab-based testing methods.
ScoutLogic’s pre-employment drug tests
cover all of your needs for a robust
employee drug screening program.


Credit Checks

ScoutLogic’s Employee Credit Report can
provide insight on employees and
candidates who work in financial
institutions, managerial roles, or money-
handling positions where financial fraud
is a potential risk.


Healthcare Sanctions

Healthcare Sanctions scan a variety of data sources to determine if an individual or entity is barred from participating in any federally-funded healthcare programs. ScoutLogic offers 4 levels of Healthcare Sanctions to ensure you are fully covered.


Professional License Verifications

ScoutLogic’s Professional License Verification verifies any domestic professional license, including issue date, expiration date, credential title, and current status. Each Professional License Verification covers a single license claim.

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Recruiters are too busy to worry about background checks.
ScoutLogic’s Scout service model gives recruiters time back
by returning checks more quickly, proactively
communicating status updates, and going the extra mile on
verifications. ScoutLogic provides a full suite of background
checks including criminal background investigations,
verification & reference checking, and drug testing to
perform FCRA compliant background checks.

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