Search Types

    Every Search Type You Need For A Great Background Check Program

    ScoutLogic has assembled best-in-class data and vendors to power your background checks. ScoutLogic offers all the same search types and quality as the largest global providers…at less cost to you.


    ScoutLogic offers every available criminal search type. These include National Criminal File, Sex Offender registries, Terrorist Watchlists, County Criminal Searches, Statewide Criminal Searches, Federal Criminal Searches, International Criminal Searches, and Continuous Criminal Monitoring (including arrest records). We utilize best-in-class data vendors in combination with our Scout researchers to produce high-quality reports with less than a .2% candidate dispute rate. Our searches can be via the candidate’s given name or all names and aliases. We can also customize the reporting history to 7 years, 10 years, or as law allows depending on the jurisdiction.


    ScoutLogic offers employment and education verifications. Education verifications typically include the highest degree completed. Employment verifications come in current employer, past three employers, or past five years of employment. Additionally, ScoutLogic also offers professional reference checks and license checks. Most providers have a strict “3 attempts” process that results in a>25% unable-to-verify rate and forces your recruiters to have to do follow-up calls. ScoutLogic takes this work off your recruiters’ plates by making more attempts and working with candidates directly...which is why our unable-to-verify rate is less than 10%

    Drug Testing

    ScoutLogic partners with eScreen to provide you access to the country’s largest network of drug testing providers. We provide every type of drug test and occupational health service you could need, including eScreen’s “instant cup” products which dramatically reduce turnaround times. Our drug testing candidate experience is integrated with our technology, so your candidate’s can easily schedule the locations most convenient for them. Our Scouts will do proactive reminders to candidates to take their drug your recruiters can spend time sourcing great candidates.

    Driving Records

    ScoutLogic offers a wide range of driving records search types. In addition to our standard, state motor vehicle records search we also offer a variety of Department of Transportation (DOT) driving records searches. These include:

    CDLIS - AAMVA Database, Current State, Up to 3 Prior Licenses
    PSP - FMCSA data from the MCMIS system
    FMCSA Clearinghouse Search (Full Query)
    Continuous Monitoring - Through Partnership with Samba Safety

    Ad Hoc

    ScoutLogic also offers a variety of other, ad hoc services that are industry or position specific. These searches include: employment credit, healthcare sanctions, and civil court searches (both at the Federal and county level). ScoutLogic’s employment credit report is typically used for executives or employees accessing money. ScoutLogic’s healthcare sanctions search a variety of state and federal sanctions databases depending on the scope of the search. Finally, ScoutLogic’s civil court searches are also used for executive employees or sensitive positions. If there is a search type you need that is not on this list, just reach out to us as we likely provide it.

    Vendor Partners

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    ScoutLogic will provide you an assessment of your current program and identify opportunities to increase your program quality, reduce litigation, and save money.