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Posted by: David Garcia

Topics: Background Check 101, Recruitment

While COVID-19 infections continue to fluctuate, employers are continuing to grow their businesses and hire new employees. As part of hiring new employees, the on-boarding process continues to include performing background checks. Many employers, however, continue to use paper-based forms to collect the necessary authorizations from a consumer to run background checks. Utilizing paper-based forms is problematic for many reasons, including having to securely store physical documents, as well as creating the potential risk of COVID transmission.Clients can run comprehensive background checks with remote employees! Many of ScoutLogic’s customers are improving candidate experience, document security, and reducing COVID transmission by utilizing our QuickApp functionality. ScoutLogic’s QuickApp functionality allows candidates to electronically review and sign their authorizations on a desktop or mobile device securely from the safety of their own homes. These documents are then attached to the candidate record, stored securely, and are date & time stamped. No longer will you need to comb through old files to look for signed authorizations from candidates.

ScoutLogic’s QuickApp solution also serves up any jurisdictional specific forms as well. For example, California and New York both have additional state-specific documents a candidate must sign to authorize a background check. Unfortunately, not getting these documents creates a litigation risk. Even if you do have them signed, losing or having to search for paper-based forms also creates unnecessary legal risk as well.

ScoutLogic’s technology platform is designed to be incredibly simple and easy-to-use for recruiters and candidates. With ScoutLogic, your candidates can easily authorize their background checks in under 2 minutes.

In addition to authorizing background checks remotely, ScoutLogic also partners with FormI9 to provide employment eligibility verification and Form I-9 compliance. In combination, employers can essentially provide an easy-to-use, fully electronic experience for the compliance portions of their on-boarding processes.

ScoutLogic Can Help!


Our expert team at ScoutLogic can dive deep and find out what you need to know before hiring. Our screening process for background checks cover:

  • Criminal history and criminal records
  • Education and previous employment background verification
  • Drug testing
  • Social security trace
  • Reference checks
We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times that do not compromise the integrity or authenticity of our thorough screening.

If you are ready to see the ScoutLogic difference in action in the hiring process, reach out to us today about our background checks and screening services!

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