HR Works Podcast: Not All Background Checks are Created Equal

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Posted by: David Garcia

Topics: Human Resources, News/PR

HR Daily Advisor recently released a great podcast on background checks with guests Ofer Reiss, CEO & Owner of ProfCheck LTD, and ScoutLogics David Garcia.

These industry experts also dive into advice on some tricky compliance issues and how to navigate them during background checks. They also cover how the pandemic has impacted the nature of background checks.

Listen or download it on HR Daily Advisor website > 

HR Works Podcast


Why is This Helpful for Staffing & Recruiting?

Background checks have many different components or searches that determine the parameters of the final report.

As a result of all these other variables, it can be hard to ensure you are paying a fair price for a background check. There is nothing more confusing than trying to understand why some background checks cost $10 and others cost hundreds.

This podcast will help you understand background check pricing models and navigate compliance issues (I think we all want to avoid possible litigation).

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