Incredibly Easy-To-Use Technology for Recruiters And Candidates

    ScoutLogic’s technology platform is designed to be incredibly simple and easy-to-use for recruiters and candidates.
    Easy For Candidates@2x

    Easy For Candidates

    Candidates want a friendly, easy-to-use platform to authorize their background checks. ScoutLogic’s platform enables both desktop and mobile-optimized platforms and the ability for candidates to receive invitations via email or text. With ScoutLogic, your candidates can easily authorize their background checks in under 2 minutes.

    Easy for Recruiters

    Recruiters need a simple, easy-to-use platform so they can focus their time on recruiting. ScoutLogic’s system “flags” adverse records so recruiters can quickly review results. ScoutLogic’s platform also has the ability to customize email notifications to a recruiter’s needs.

    Easy for Recruiters@2x
    Seamless Integration@2x

    Seamless Integration

    ScoutLogic’s platform has existing integrations with most major applicant tracking systems. Additionally, ScoutLogic’s API is a universal development connector that gives you the ability to easily integrate with custom systems. You can also take advantage of ScoutLogic’s easy-to-use development portal that gives you access to the entire API with robust documentation.

    Totally Secure

    ScoutLogic is fanatical about securing your candidates’ personally identifiable information (PII). The ScoutLogic platform has a number of industry-leading security certifications including PCI-DSS, Experian, and SOC2 compliance.

    Totally Secure@2x


    ScoutLogic will provide you an assessment of your current program and identify opportunities to increase your program quality, reduce litigation, and save money.