Onboarding the Next Generation — A Playbook for Recruiting Gen Z

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Posted by: David Garcia July 26, 2021

As Gen Zers begin to make their way into the workforce, it can be challenging to understand this new generation, and recruiters can often struggle to enlist Gen Z applicants.

Born between 1996-2010, Gen Z already has distinguished themselves significantly from generations prior. Their desire to change the status quo and their deep need for independence means this group is about values more than material gain. Gen Zers differ from baby boomers and even millennials by prioritizing connectivity, education, resourcefulness, and open-mindedness.

Gen Z could very well change the ways of the workplace. For these reasons, it is of the utmost importance that we learn how to work with them and lead them to effectively recruit the best talent to our businesses.

Here is a list of nine helpful ways to bolster Gen Z job recruitment for your company.

1. Recruit Them Via Social Media

Gen Zers are the most avid users of social media, and this is mainly because they never knew a world without social media or technology.

Gen Z often uses Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Tiktok, and they are less active on Facebook than generations prior. Many users also say that they are on social media “almost constantly,” meaning that you could potentially make a significant impact by effectively and tactfully recruiting G Zers through the appropriate social media channels.

Building your brand and promoting your company on social media is imperative. You can research ongoing trends and post potential job or career events and workshops via your social media pages.

2. Recruit Them Early

You also want to start recruiting Gen Z early. This group does not want to wait around—they are ready to start now.

Gen Z is consistently consuming information and education at a rapid rate. A global study shows around 50% intend to join the workforce immediately after graduating from high school.

Using this information appropriately to place advertisements for recruiting for your company can be very impactful. Gen Z candidates will want to gather as much information about your company as they can, and they’ll want to do it as soon as possible.

3. Don’t Have Dry Recruitment Videos

Bland recruitment videos will have a Gen Z candidate clicking away from your video faster than they started it.

The attention span of a Gen Zer is short-lived, and they constantly crave fresh energy and excitement. You want short and engaging content for them that will allow them to see snippets of what a job at your company would entail.

Lively videos with testimonials from current or prior employees that highlight the great qualities of your company will grab their attention. YouTube is an excellent source for this as many Gen Zers are likely to turn to YouTube to research information about potential employers.

4. Go Digital

Gen Zers are avid users of technology. And while prior generations, such as millennials, slowly eased into technology, Gen Z has essentially been attached to digital services since birth. Their use of technology has vastly transformed their daily lives.

Adapting to a digital strategy is crucial for your company to attract Gen Z candidates. Potential digital campaign strategies include digital and visual marketing, online communication systems such as Slack or other instant messengers, and the ability to consume information via their mobile devices.

Gen Z’s capacity for using technology so effectively also comes as a great advantage for the employer. Their skills can make them incredibly adaptable and valuable when learning and potentially developing required computer programs.

5. Be Upfront and Candid

Being upfront about the expectations of employees and the reality of what it’s like working for your company is imperative.

Gen Zers value honesty and forthrightness. This generation is remarkable for its outspoken and opinionated people, and they will value an employer with similar qualities.

Generation Z is generally distrusting of companies, especially large corporations, as they have seen news of corruption rife in these corporations from such a young age. Whereas millennials may have resigned themselves to unfair working conditions, to this younger group, a trustworthy boss is of the utmost importance.

In practice, this would look like a boss who is transparent and communicative. An employer that is actively inclusive, respectful, and ethical will also attract this group.

6. Allow for Collaboration AND Independence

Generation Zers deeply value their independence. With that said, collaboration is equally as important for them too.

Create a collaborative environment where Gen Zers can feel heard and where their individual voices and talent can matter and create change. They want you to listen to their ideas and allow them to impact your business positively.

As Generation Z has grown up taking in so much information, they can have a valuable perspective, and they want it heard.

7. Be Radically Inclusive

Generation Z is incredibly ethnically and racially diverse. They have a deep desire for a more inclusive future that is equally beneficial to all, and they absolutely will not tolerate discrimination in their careers.

They will be looking for a job with healthcare plans and benefits that is inclusive for everyone, including LGBTQ+. They will also expect to see diversity in company employees and rankings, including women and people of color in leadership.

Freedom of expression will also prove paramount for Gen Zers. They are different, opinionated, and proud. They expect their workplace to be accepting and supportive of this.

8. Highlight Social Issues Your Company Cares About

Generation Z is not only opinionated, but they stand up for their beliefs. They sincerely care about social issues, diversity, sustainability, and fairness.

For instance, at recent Black Lives Matter protests, a large turnout was from those in Generation Z as well as millennials.

They want to work for someone that will publicly stand up for issues that matter to them. If your association takes a position on social issues, they want to see that you’ve also made an active effort to support it and donate to it.

Social movement marketing will prove excellent recruitment marketing strategies in this regard. Gen Z deeply cares about action, and they want a company that does, too.

9. Create Growth Opportunities

Contrary to what some may believe, millennials and Gen Zers are not lazy or incompetent workers, and they are not intentionally job hoppers. They just profoundly desire to be learning new information and gaining new experiences continually.

They grew up in an ever-changing world that quickly advances. For these reasons, a workplace that they see can have the potential for growth and change will make all of the difference to them.

Structuring programs so that staff may climb the ranks or have opportunities within different branches of the company is crucial to recruiting and retaining Gen Z candidates.


Gen Zers are rapidly entering the workforce, and appealing to these candidates and adapting to their expectations of their employers may require some remodeling. Still, the new ideas of this generation could immensely improve the diversity and outlook of your association.
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