David Garcia

David Garcia, co-founder and CEO of Scout Logic, is an industry leader in the bulk background check world. With his strategic acumen and expertise in the HR sphere, specifically in hiring, recruiting, legal compliance, background checks, and resume screening, he’s an invaluable asset and consultant.

David's counsel extends across the boards of ScoutLogic, YipitData, and Supplier.io, drawing from his impactful stints on the boards of Infutor and Avetta. With an extensive 25-year journey, he champions unparalleled B2B commercial leadership within data & analytics, significantly shaping the HR landscape.
April 14, 2024
How To Hire Employees Properly in 8 Steps
Ready for additional help but unsure how to properly hire the right employees?  Most business owners have to make hires at some point. While daunting at first, increasing your workforce will...
March 28, 2024
How To Create a Recruitment Plan in 14 Steps
Putting together an effective recruitment plan is what sets professionals apart from amateurs in the world of HR. It can indeed be a make or break for an organization or team. But despite a robust...
March 06, 2024
How To Hire UX Designers in 6 Steps
Design isn’t just about making your product pretty.  A functional design helps declutter the distractions in your digital product. This allows users to intuitively navigate the journey,...
January 13, 2024
Disposition vs. Sentencing 
It’s common sense to want to find out if your potential new hire has a conviction for a criminal offense. However, often, it’s not as black and white as innocent or guilty. Criminal activity...
January 11, 2024
What is ADEA? 
Discrimination in employment is often thought of as something based on gender, ethnicity, race, or other factors such as sexuality. However, in the USA, it's also illegal to discriminate based on...
January 09, 2024
How to Handle a Disgruntled Employee
In exploring workplace dynamics, understanding the concept of a disgruntled employee becomes pivotal. A disgruntled employee harbors dissatisfaction or unhappiness within the framework of their...
January 02, 2024
How to Write an Employment Verification Letter
Employment verification is essential to organizations such as lenders, new employers, and more. It’s crucial for those tasked with writing them to understand how to articulate and send this...
December 22, 2023
What Do Hazmat Background Checks Look For?
Despite the dangers they pose, hazardous materials are vital components of many products and things we use every day. Common examples include gasoline, ethanol, and ammonia. It takes special...
December 08, 2023
What Is a Clean Driving Record?
A “clean” driving record is a motor vehicle report – or MVR – with no accidents, violations, suspensions, or infractions. State departments of transportation maintain the MVR, which can span...