How To Hire an Android Developer in 2024

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Posted by: David Garcia June 06, 2023

Hiring a mobile app developer is a huge decision as it directly impacts your bottom line. 

Whether you’re trying to convert an existing iOS app to Android or create one from scratch, a developer can bring your mobile project to life. 

So how do you find one? Follow our guide for practical tips on technical recruiting and finding the right Android developer. 

1. Define Your Project Requirements

Before hiring a developer, you must have the end goal in mind. Define your product vision with a document outlining the objectives, features, constraints, and other requirements. 

Start with the big picture, who’s it for, and how it will help you achieve your desired business outcomes. 

The mobile app document will help to guide your developer. It should detail every major feature of the application. Also, include non-functional requirements for the app like security, compatibility, performance, and multi-language support. 

Ultimately, this comprehensive document will help ensure an alignment of skills. Ideally, you’ll look for relevant past experiences that the developer has done similar to your project requirements. 

2. Prepare a Technical Description for Your Ideal Candidate 

According to a study, only 5% of hiring managers and recruiters strongly agreed that their job postings accurately represented the role’s actual job demands. 

The key is to describe actual tasks and projects the employee can expect to do – not just vague persona-based requirements. 

For example, you want to list all the technical skills needed, such as Java proficiency, API knowledge, expertise in the Android SDK, and backend skills. Then, describe a common task that links to that skill.

Android developers are expected to work with APIs and utilize them to link apps to third-party services. 

Ensure that your job description is captivating and entices developers to apply. Be specific about the perks included, such as vacation time and potential growth opportunities. 

3. Know Where to Look 

If you’re wondering where to find talented Android developers, we’ve put together a few credible sources to help your search process: 

  • Freelance Marketplaces: Freelance sites will have a large pool of applicants that shows their previous work history and customer satisfaction scores. 
  • Job Boards: Job boards are a popular place for developers to look for work. LinkedIn has its own built-in job board where you can view its credentials within the platform. They allow you to post job ads to reach more potential candidates. 
  • Recruiting Agencies: Recruiting agencies help match you with eligible candidates that fit your job description. While they can be pricey, they save you the time and stress of searching for developers independently. 

4. Check Candidates Past Project History 

Checking a candidate’s past project history is a surefire way to assess their capabilities honestly. For example, you can test their published apps from the Google Play Store. Evaluate various factors like the overall user experience, user interface, responsiveness, and app performance. 

Another way is to request code samples from the developer. Ask them to provide code snippets from their previous projects. Then examine the code for organization, readability, and adherence to best practices. 

5. Shortlist Android App Developers  

As you’re browsing through candidates on freelance sites or going through applications, it’s helpful to shortlist them before you set up the interview. You can screen profiles on specific criteria such as: 

  • Feedback: Check for past reviews of what others have said of the particular developer’s work. Look for any bad signs, such as missed deadlines or poorly designed apps. 
  • Expertise: If your app demands specific expertise in accelerometer control, game design, or GPU programming, look for a specialist. 
  • Past work: Developers should provide presentation highlights or showcase their past projects on their profiles. 
  • Testing experience: Nothing hurts your metrics like a buggy app. Look for Android developers who understand the importance of test-driven development and user testing. 

6. Ask Relevant Questions 

Suppose a candidate possesses a captivating portfolio, the necessary skills, and displays values aligning with your organization’s culture

Though you want to offer them the job, ask them relevant interview questions to see how they respond, such as: 

  • What is the most difficult Android app you’ve worked on and why? 
  • Which programming language is your favorite and why? 
  • Where do you see your Android development career going?
  • What is the most fascinating app you’ve worked on, and what makes that project interesting? 
  • Describe a time when you failed a project. How did it fail, and what did you learn from that experience? 

You can tailor those questions to your needs. Asking relevant questions can help assess their problem-solving capabilities and technical proficiencies. You can also ask hypothetical scenarios to gauge how they handle conflicts. 

7. Conduct Pre-Screening Tests 

Conducting pre-screening tests help assess the candidate’s practical skills and knowledge for the job. Resumes are often less objective and prone to hyperbole. 

For example, having candidates pass a Java algorithms test will ensure that all candidates have the necessary programming skills needed for the job. 

Based on their results, you can prioritize candidates with the highest scores. 

8. Perform Background Checks 

Background checks are the process of utilizing third-party providers to vet candidates for your job opportunity. 

Reliable sources such as public records, credit bureaus, previous employers, and law enforcement are used to verify these checks. 

Without background checks, employers can only go by the information submitted by the applicant, which can be incomplete or inaccurate. 

Trusted providers like ScoutLogic offer extensive background checks in many categories, such as employment history verification, criminal searches, drug testing, social media, employment credit, occupational health, and more. 

However, comply with FTC and other government regulations, such as providing a copy of the background check report, before informing a candidate of their denial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to learn more about hiring Android developers? We’ve put together a quick FAQ guide for your reference. 

How To Hire Android Developers?

Start by defining the role of your ideal Android developer. From there, use a variety of recruiting channels like online job boards or freelance marketplaces. Then carefully screen candidates based on past project history and experience. Finally, negotiate a fair salary and benefits that satisfies both sides. 

Why Hire an Android App Developer?

If you’re developing a core product or app for your company, you will need talented Android developers on your team. These software wizards create custom apps and integrate them with other platforms. They’re well-versed in the Android platform to customize the application based on your requirements.  

Final Thoughts

In a mobile-first world, hiring the best Android developer who can present everything in a stunning interface becomes increasingly necessary. 

Look for the right technical expertise, an impressive portfolio, and strong design skills. 

Before you put pen to paper, screen the final applicants by conducting pre-screening and background checks. This ensures you consistently produce high-quality hires. ScoutLogic performs extensive background checks like employment verification, credit, and criminal searches to help rule out any unwanted candidates. As a result, you focus your attention on identifying the best Android developers for your next mobile project. Learn more or request a quote today.

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