Get To Know Marc Senica, In Our "Behind the Scout" Series

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Posted by: David Garcia June 15, 2023

Meet Marc Senica. Our next “Behind the Scout.” This series aims to highlight our dedicated scouts, who offer you valuable support daily.

Question: What energizes you about your career in background check screening?
Answer: What keeps me motivated in my career is that everything is a 2-way process. I am being provided with career and learning opportunities where I can showcase what I can offer, and in return, I get to use both my personal and professional skills to contribute to the business’s success. My supervisor, the VP of WHS, Paula, ensures every day is a productive day and optimism is always present. I mean, who wouldn’t be motivated if you are always made feel that you are part of the success? Wouldn’t you feel ecstatic and inspired?

Question: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever heard?
Answer: I have heard so many pieces of advice in the past, but the best, I would say is – “What’s stopping you?” It always served as an encouragement, the idea of never belittling your willpower.

Question: What’s your favorite thing about working at ScoutLogic?
Answer: I have a lot of things that I love working at ScoutLogic. Being one of the pioneers (Manila team), I have seen not only the tremendous growth but how genuinely the company is more than willing to listen. You get a chance to talk 1 on 1 with the CEO of the company as he would like to check in and make sure everybody’s okay. I mean how cool is that? This, is reflected down to the VPs and the rest of the ScoutLogic family.

Question: Describe a Day in the Life of a Scout.
Answer: A day in the life of a Senior scout is to ensure you are tactful, compassionate, productive, and not only you are abreast with the technical know-how but also a sound decision-maker.

Question: Do you have a professional mentor?
Answer: I would say my professional mentor is my immediate supervisor, Paula. She would make sure your goals are met and always encourages you to do your best. I remember she would say, not all days are good but that’s okay, we learn from the mistakes and move on. We are humans, and there would be errors but we got this!

Question: What was the last TV show you binge-watched?
Answer: The last show I binged watched was Two Fathers. I think there were a lot of “regional” adaptations from different parts of the world. I love this, because it showcases, love, faith in humanity, and forgiveness.

Question: What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?
Answer: I love reading books and spending time with my niece and nephew.

Question: What song always gets you out on the dance floor?
Answer: This sounds pretty odd, but believe me, it’s Karma Chameleon by Culture Club.

Question: What’s the phone app you use most?
Answer: I am not really spending time with my phone. But I would say the app I use the most is my Samsung Health App which tracks my sleep/deep sleep. (I am obsessed to know how good or bad my sleep was.)

Thanks so much, Marc!

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