Get To Know Rita Gonzales, In Our "Behind the Scout" Series

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Posted by: David Garcia November 08, 2023

Meet Rita Gonzales Our next “Behind the Scout.” This series highlights our dedicated employees, who offer you valuable support daily.

Question: What energizes you about your career in background check screening?
Answer: Every day, something new and different comes up, and that surprise is definitely motivating. I love learning new things, and the challenges excite me.

Question: What’s the best career advice you’ve ever heard?
Answer: Don’t underestimate your capabilities. Others will regard you the same way you regard yourself. If you don’t value yourself, others will undervalue you as well. Value yourself highly, and others will follow.

Question: What initially got you interested in working with ScoutLogic?
Answer: I became interested in working at ScoutLogic when I heard from one of my friends how kind the managers are here and how they provide all the necessary support for employees. I knew this was the company I had been looking for after my first interview with Cary and Gena. They were so easy to talk to, and I could immediately feel the warmth from them. They are truly amazing!

Question: What’s your favorite thing about working at ScoutLogic?
Answer: What I like the most about ScoutLogic is how the leaders and even the CEO don’t treat you as a regular employee; instead, they treat you like a FAMILY. They value and listen to all our ideas as employees, and most importantly, they provide everything we need to work efficiently.

Question: Describe a day in your life at ScoutLogic.
Answer: In my team, our daily requests vary. Some days, the requests are pretty challenging, while others are easier. There are days when we are swamped with numerous requests, but we manage to overcome them every day, thanks to our teamwork and the support of each other, especially my manager. Completing each request is an achievement for me and our entire team.

Question: Do you have a professional mentor?
Answer: That’s a big YES! Gena has been my number-one mentor from my very first day up to the present. She has always guided me, so I can confidently say that Gena has always been a part of whatever I’ve achieved. Additionally, Ryan is one of those who consistently provided me with advice, especially when I was still a newbie. I can only say thank you both so much.

Question: What was the last TV show you binge-watched?
Answer: I binge-watched Hell’s Kitchen and Five Star Chef, and seeing how they prepare their dishes is truly inspiring.

Question: What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?
Answer: My favorite way to spend my day off is to sleep and spend quality time with my family.

Question: What song always gets you out on the dance floor?
Answer: I am not a music fan, but recently, I was enticed by the song “FLOWERS” by Miley Cyrus; I can relate to the lyrics and the emotions.

Question: What’s the phone app you use most?
Answer: My favorite phone app is Facebook Messenger because it’s how I communicate with my family, especially my mom.

Thanks so much, Rita!

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