Should You Connect With Recruiters on LinkedIn?

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Posted by: David Garcia March 19, 2024

Since 2003, LinkedIn has been the premier networking website for professionals.

The site is crawling with high-profile executives, management, job seekers — and hungry recruiters looking for their next big hire!

But are you doing everything in your power to be seen?

Connecting with a stranger on the internet can be nerve-racking, but remember, this isn’t Facebook or Instagram— you’re not here to make friends!

All a great recruiter wants is the perfect candidate, and all you want is a recruiter interested in your resume. Creating that mutually beneficial relationship is the core of LinkedIn.

Let’s dive right in and outline the guide you need for best practices when navigating the world of LinkedIn recruiters!

Is It OK to Connect With Recruiters on LinkedIn?

Connecting with recruiters is what LinkedIn empowers job seekers to do. Indeed, it’s purpose-built for making those connections.

Given the nature of LinkedIn, you should feel no apprehension about reaching out to someone in your field. Recruiters are hoping that you will message them as it makes their jobs easier.

Remember, LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of users and countless recruiters. No matter what your job is, there is a match waiting to happen!

However, you must take a targeted approach. Wildly messaging everyone you come across may not yield the best results.

Before you reach out, you must ‘know thyself.’ Think holistically about your future career and set yourself up for success in a job you want.

Consider this: Do you just want a job as fast as possible, or are you after a career with room to grow?

When Should You Connect With Recruiters on LinkedIn?

Once you’ve polished up your resume, CV, website, and LinkedIn account, it’s time to get out there (virtually, of course).

If a recruiter is interested in you, they will start asking questions right away, and you need to have all your answers lined up. Take the time to interview yourself—you’ll be thankful when you’re not scrambling for an answer.

Do not skip over the ‘about me’ section when fleshing out your profile. It seems negligible, but this is the chance for recruiters to see how you stand out. Mention hobbies and passions and always include multiple pictures. You are more likely to get a response when you appear vibrant and multifaceted.

How to Connect With Recruiters on LinkedIn

Now that you have a Pro-level LinkedIn page ready to go, you can start making professional connections.

Follow these tips and tricks to put yourself ahead of other applicants!

Follow Your Top Companies

If a company you admire posts several times a month, that means a recruiter on their team monitors the account. A real person will notice your likes, shares, and comments.

Your promotion of the company will arouse curiosity from their side.

Send a Request

Once you’ve identified a recruiter at a business you see yourself thriving at, send them a request to link up.

Feel free to find their email under ‘contact info’ and reach out directly if accepted.

Don’t worry about being too pushy with an email—they’ve already accepted your connection, so an email is the next step in a natural progression.

Join a Group

You may not even know it, but LinkedIn has groups! These virtual meeting grounds are great ways to introduce yourself to people in the industry.

Company groups are places to share your work and discuss what you value in the company. Always keep it positive, and you’re more likely to get noticed.

Don’t Burn Bridges

Just because a connection does not lead to a job does not mean it was time wasted.

The next time a position opens up for your skills, you will be on their radar.

Always send a thank you message, no matter the outcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good To Connect With Your Recruiter on LinkedIn?

Connecting with recruiters on LinkedIn is a great strategy. It’s a direct way to showcase your profile, express your interest, and make a professional impression. Recruiters often appreciate candidates who take the initiative, as it streamlines their search for the perfect hire.

Is It Normal for Recruiters to Contact You on LinkedIn?

Yes, it’s perfectly normal for recruiters to contact you on LinkedIn. Recruiters often use LinkedIn searches and referrals to find potential candidates. When they reach out, it’s an opportunity to start building a professional relationship and accepting their connection request can open doors to new job opportunities and career growth.


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