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Driving Records Background Check Service

Are you an employer looking to hire someone for a position that involves driving a motor vehicle? If so, you want to complete background checks that include driving history.

The requirements for motor vehicle drivers vary from state to state. As such, you need a reliable employment screening service that will help you identify potential issues on an applicant’s driving background.

At ScoutLogic, we help with investigating the driving records of potential new hires. Here, we explain why these types of screenings are necessary and what you need to know when hiring for driving positions.

Why You Need to Check Someone’s Driving Recordsdriving-records-background-check-service

Before hiring a new employee, you need to conduct assessments of the applicant’s history. Part of this process may involve looking into their driving records for any violations.

Some jobs require the applicant to drive, meaning a thorough motor vehicle report is crucial. Some positions that may require driving include:

  •  Commercial drivers
  •  Employees who drive company cars
  •  Chauffeurs, taxi drivers, etc.
  •  Delivery workers
  •  Rideshare/gig workers

A driving record pre-employment check can reveal essential information, such as:

  •  Criminal History: Some states do not include DUIs in their criminal records. A motor vehicle report is necessary to determine whether the applicant has issues with alcohol.
  •  CDL State Regulations: When hiring commercial drivers, most states require routine checks on their driving records. The periods will vary depending on the state.
  •  Personal Character: How a person drives a motor vehicle can be indicative of their character. Background checks could reveal a history of drug and alcohol use or reckless behavior that could make the employee liability for your company.
  •  Driver’s Status: You can see traffic violations, driver’s license suspensions, revocations, and restrictions currently in place.
  •  Liability: A pre-employment driver screening can help you determine whether your company insurance premiums will go up if you hire a particular candidate.

You can learn a lot from an individual’s driving record. Of course, background checks won’t tell you everything. You’ll want to keep their interview and resume in mind when moving forward to the final hiring process.

What You Need to Know When Running Driving Records Checks

When checking a potential employee’s motor vehicle records, you’ll need their driver’s license and license number. You also need to know which state issued the license since there is a chance the issuing state is not the same as the applicant’s current residence.

As you await the results of the driving record check, you also want to make sure you’re complying with fair and equitable hiring practices. Here are some items to keep in mind:

  •  Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act: Keep the disclosure, authorization, and consent requirements in mind as you conduct license checks. You must follow specific adverse action steps if the motor vehicle report comes back with harmful items.
  •  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Check out the guidelines when making individual assessments about employees.
  •  Ban the Box and Fair Hiring Laws: When you can conduct an inquiry into an applicant’s criminal history depends on county, state, and city regulations. These laws can make it challenging to know which one you should follow.
  •  The Hiring Policy of the Organization: If your company motor vehicle drivers, keep your policies consistent and compliant.

How ScoutLogic Can Help

During your employment screening, you may require driving records checks on multiple applicants. These background checks can be time-consuming and confusing if you don’t know the specific local and state laws. ScoutLogic can help you manage this process.

We provide full background checks that include:

  •  Driver’s license, criminal, education, employment screening
  •  Reference checking
  •  Drug testing
Our driver screening saves you time and hassle, making the hiring process a bit easier. Contact us today to get started!

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