MVR & Driving Record Background Check Service

Is your company regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT)?

If so, the law requires you to request MVR checks on potential candidates and current employees. Not only is it the law, but it will help employers weed out individuals with unsafe driving records and streamline the hiring process.

ScoutLogic’s MVR check services help businesses learn about a person’s driving history, whether a potential hire or a current employee. Here’s what you need to know.

What Are MVR Reports?

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A motor vehicle report (MVR) is a document that states whether an individual is a safe and reliable motor vehicle driver. This record provides all traffic violations that aren’t always accessible through the background check process.

MVR records are consumer reports under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This federal law helps ensure consumer credit bureau files’ fairness, accuracy, and privacy. . To learn more about how, when, and why a consumer report can be obtained, read Section 604 of the FCRA.

Why Perform a Motor Vehicle Check?

Companies regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) must annually request an MVR report on commercial drivers. The federal mandate ensures employees and contract drivers have a current license and clean driving record. Equally as important, businesses need to conduct MVR requests and background checks on new hires and potential candidates.

motor vehicle checks

Let’s take delivery drivers, for example. Would you hire someone with numerous speeding tickets or other driving violations to drive a company vehicle? Probably not. These driver reports have a considerable influence on whether the individual gets hired.

As the employer, you’ll have peace of mind you’re complying with local and federal regulations while keeping your current employees and customers safe from those with poor driving records.

How to Obtain Motor Vehicle Records

MVR background checks must come from the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or an equivalent agency. These facilities will release individualized assessments to help employers make an educated decision when hiring drivers.

Businesses will have a solid idea if the potential candidate is a safe driver through background screenings, verification checks, and the individual’s driving history. Here’s what you need to know about obtaining an MVR check.


1. Gather Your Information

Before you request MVR reports from your state’s DMV resources, you need to gather the correct information. Most states release information that dates back at least three years. However, many date as far back as five or ten years.

Here’s the information you’ll need before requesting records:

  • The individual’s full name as it appears on their driver’s license
  • The driver’s license number
  • The state where the license was issued

2. Request an MVR Report

With this information on hand, you can request an MVR report online. ScoutLogic completes MVR checks for employers quickly. We offer a wide selection of state driving records search resources and DOT searches. And, because we work with top vendors, you’ll get access to the information you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost compared to global providers.

3. Understand Driving Records

You have the candidate’s MVR. Now what?

Familiarizing yourself with motor vehicle reports will better help you understand what you’re reading. Here is the information you’ll see on an MVR:

  • The name of the individual
  • License issue date
  • License expiration date
  • License status, number, and type
  • License class
  • Endorsements
  • Restrictions
  • Suspensions

Anything worth knowing about a person’s driving record will appear on the MVR. The report also acts as a licensing verification, confirming the applicant has a CDL and is legally compliant with federal commercial driving laws.

What to Look For in an MVR Check

MVR Check

An MVR record will give you crucial information regarding drivers and their records. Here are the questions you need to ask when vetting the potential candidate.

  • Do they have a record of safe driving?
  • Have they ever had their driver’s license suspended?
  • Were they recently involved in any accidents?
  • Are they likely to follow safety protocols and mitigate risk?
  • Will they avoid property damage to the company vehicles?
  • Will they endanger company employees and customers?
  • Will they help maintain a trustworthy business reputation?
  • Will they protect the company against liability claims?

Keep in mind that the candidate’s driving history will reflect any activity conducted in a different state. Employers will have sufficient information to identify candidates worth hiring with all of this information. And, of course, they need to follow the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulations throughout the entire hiring process.

Here’s a little more about what you’ll learn after reviewing the MVR Results.

Driving Qualifications

driving traffic

There’s a big responsibility that comes with getting behind the wheel of motor vehicles. The employer will look at how long an applicant has held their license and which motor vehicles they are qualified to operate. This information will be on the motor vehicle record specific to each driver.

Driving Violations

Any vehicular crimes, traffic violations, or moving/non-moving violations will influence whether a company brings on a potential candidate. They’ll look for any crashes that have resulted in a citation, any driving restrictions, or driver license suspensions. With this said, if the potential hire has a suspended commercial driver’s license, you’ll see this in MVR checks.

Character Traits


You’d be surprised at what background checks can say about a person. An applicant’s driving record report does the same. If they will be driving a company vehicle, an employer needs to be sure they contract drivers who are responsible, experienced, and have clean records. A record MVR helps answer any questions, doubts, and concerns.

How ScoutLogic Can Help

The hiring process is complicated enough without the added worry of conducting a reliable background check and MVR check on potential candidates. However, the benefits of taking the time and energy to conduct such screenings outweigh the inconveniences. By doing so, you ensure you bring on responsible employees with zero criminal records.


At ScoutLogic, we support businesses and employers eager to vet new hires and existing employees for business purposes. Our large selection of state motor vehicle record resources, DOT searches, and other screenings can help you make a quick and appropriate hiring decision.

Some of our service options include driving checks through:

  • CDLIS – Commercial Driver’s License Information System through AAMVA
  • PSP – Pre-Employment Screening Program
  • FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Continuous Monitoring (through our Samba Safety partnership)

ScoutLogic offers a fast turnaround time, so employers don’t have to delay their hiring decisions. We work with top vendors and have access to databases in multiple states, so you can get a quality search at a price that won’t break the bank.

If you need an MVR background check, driving record information, or other background screenings, get in touch with an expert at ScoutLogic today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does MVR stand for?

MVR stands for Motor Vehicle Record/Report.

Can I obtain my motor vehicle record?

Yes, you can access your MVR reports online at your state’s department of motor vehicles or by visiting a driver’s license office, tax collector, or counter clerk that offers this service.

Should I be conducting MVR checks?

Any industry regulated by the Department of Transportation needs to conduct MVR background checks for employment purposes. These sectors include trucking, freight, and logistic companies.

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