The 5 Best Recruiting Podcasts in 2024

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Posted by: David Garcia March 11, 2022

Whether it’s on a commute, while cooking, or working out at the gym, millions of Americans listen to podcasts as part of their daily routine. Podcasts educate listeners on a range of topics, including recruiting.

Recruiting podcasts are more than gripe sessions for recruiters. They address the latest research in various industries, from finance to psychology, that can improve the hiring process. The best ones do more than talk about recruiting—they give you actionable tips to transform your hiring strategy and attract top talent.

Today, we’re providing a curated list of the best recruiting podcasts for your listening pleasure in 2024. Each of these shows offers interesting, well-educated viewpoints on a litany of topics related to the world of business and hiring.

1. Transform Your Workplace

Episode Schedule and Length: Every Tuesday, with each episode lasting 25-45 minutes

Rating: 4.9 stars on iTunes based on 124 reviews

“Transform Your Workplace” is a podcast hosted by Brandon Laws that focuses on workplace culture, business practices, and more. This podcast was once known as Xenium HR, and Xenium still sponsors it today.

Brandon covers a range of topics, from mental health to the difficulties of the hiring process. The breadth of the issues has a wide-reaching appeal, and any recruiter or executive would be well-advised to give it a listen.

Reasons to Listen

Brandon is the host, but he also invites commentary from industry experts ranging from professors to top-tier private industry professionals and authors.

Brandon’s lifelong career in recruitment is a boon to younger listeners who’d do well to learn from his experience and his guests. A healthy balance of experts affords wide-ranging insights into how listeners can transform their workspaces to push them in the right direction.

Who Should Listen

This balanced podcast could benefit any listener considerably but is especially helpful for new recruiters and young executives seeking advice on workplace culture and business practices. Because the host shares lessons gained from personal experience, younger recruiters or those newer to the industry would gain the most from listening.

Beyond the specific value for recruiters, the show also offers many insights that would benefit anyone involved in business. Given that American listeners make up over 30% of the global podcast audience, the show has the potential to make a substantial impact.

2. Recruiting Future With Matt Alder

Episode Schedule and Length: Usually bi-weekly, 20-45 minutes; also short monthly round-up episodes

Rating: 4.8 stars after 64 total reviews on iTunes

Hosted by Matt Alder and published by Evergreen Podcasts, Recruiting Future With Matt Alder is an innovative podcast that focuses primarily on sharing data and research. Matt is a recruitment specialist and consultant with over two decades of experience in talent acquisition. He is also a professional speaker and co-author with Mervyn Dinnen of Exceptional Talent.

Every week Matt interviews thought leaders on a range of topics. In one episode, he may discuss the fundamentals of recruitment, and in another, he could talk about how remote work affects recruiting and the opportunities it brings.

Reasons to Listen

If you’re interested in the future of recruitment and learning about recruitment trends from thought leaders, Matt and his guests will speak to you. The show has a particular focus on data and research, so you’ll be getting analysis and insights about the present and future of recruiting.

Who Should Listen

Listeners interested in research, analysis, and speculation based on facts and figures will appreciate Matt’s show. Everyone could learn from the podcast, but those who’d gain the most would be recruitment managers and talent acquisitions experts who value education and research.

3. Recruitment On The Go

Episode Schedule and Length: Daily releases of 15-20 minute episodes; discontinued

Rating: 5.0 stars on iTunes based on five reviews

When this particular podcast was still airing, they uploaded new episodes almost every day of the workweek. The schedule is highly unusual for recruitment podcasts, especially given its production quality.

Recruitment On The Go was and still is an excellent source of thoughtful insights on the hiring process. Sadly this particular podcast has not been updated in over two years.

Still, this podcast is great if you are looking for timeless advice and a personable approach to talking business. The concise length of the episodes makes it perfect for listening on your morning commute.

Reasons to Listen

This podcast won’t bog you down with facts and figures. Instead, their focus is on giving you easily executable advice that you can implement effectively and quickly. The covered topics include achieving diversity in your workforce and avoiding mistakes commonly made by newer recruiters.

Who Should Listen

Recruitment On The Go is the best podcast for people seeking actionable advice instead of research and speculation. In other words, if you’re less interested in the why of a problem and more concerned with how to resolve it, you’ll find it here. The show brings on experienced recruiters who have tactics of their own devising and suggestions for implementing them in your recruitment strategy.

4. The LinkedInformed Podcast

Episode Schedule and Length: Saturdays, 3x/month, 45-70 minutes

Rating: 4.5 stars on iTunes based on 26 reviews

While Linkedin is far more than just a recruitment tool, no one can deny its incredible impact on recruiting. The LinkedInformed Podcast talks about the platform with its host, Mark “Mr. LinkedIn” Williams, who climbed the ranks in the UK to become its top-ranking LinkedIn trainer.

Reasons to Listen

LinkedIn is an exceptional resource for recruiters at all levels. That said, understanding how to best use it can be pretty challenging, and so many high-level recruiters either underuse or don’t use it.

Mark seeks to fix this and explains how to optimize LinkedIn for recruitment and networking purposes. If you’re determined to learn how to be a master of LinkedIn, this is the podcast for you.

Who Should Listen

Anyone who seeks to master LinkedIn will benefit, but it’s especially insightful for recruiters who underutilize the website and want to improve how they engage with the platform. His expert advice appeals to anyone who has a specific interest in LinkedIn, though many social media recruiters could also learn from the topics he covers on his platform.

5. The Future Of Work

Episode Schedule and Length: Every Monday, 7-60 minutes

Rating: 4.8 stars based on 208 ratings on iTunes

Hosted by Jacob Morgan, The Future of Work is a weekly podcast that discusses trends, challenges, and innovative solutions regarding, well, the future of work.

Host Jacob Morgan has extensive and high-quality conversations with executives from around the world, including major brands such as Walmart and Weight Watchers. The episode length varies widely, with short 7-minute clips and extended hour-long interviews in the mix. Whether you want to listen to a short episode on your lunch break or use a more extended episode to keep your mind engaged while stuck in traffic, you can find something here.

Reasons to Listen

Jacob is a charismatic host who talks about all sorts of topics within high-level corporate environments. Thanks to his savvy skills as a conversationalist, listeners learn about the perspectives of some of the most successful business people in the country.

Jacob does his best to allow listeners to understand any number of complex topics and to think like experts who are paving the way forward. From a recruitment perspective, this is especially helpful for someone in the same industry as the guest speakers.

Plus, learning from Jacob’s conversational style can help even the most experienced recruiter develop communication skills suited to job interviews and casual conversation alike.

Who Should Listen

The Future Of Work is a podcast that would benefit recruiters in various industries. By learning from the insights of the people Jacob interviews, you can keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in business. The expert testimonies of leaders give insight into everything from improving job placement ads to the future of AI in human resources management.


There are hundreds of recruiting podcasts out there, but not every recruiting podcast is worth taking the time to listen to them. The ones we’ve reviewed here offer the most value for the time you invest and can help you re-imagine your current recruiting or business strategy. Whether you want projections about the future of recruiting or analyses of a pressing problem in hiring based on fact-based research, you can get it with the diverse selection of podcasts we’ve covered here. Find them online and add favorite episodes to your library!

If you want to put more work into your future, consider conversing with us! At ScoutLogic, we develop solutions for recruiters, including a robust suite of background check services. Advance your future and transform the future of recruiting by reaching out today. Collaborations are vital not only for podcasts but also for the future of business, and we are ready to collaborate with you.

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