Work from Home Series: Interview with Laura Rottingen, YipitData

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Posted by: David Garcia September 16, 2020

Work from home environments will be with us for at least the next several months, and the impact may be much longer. With more companies realizing the broader benefits of a work from home strategy, ScoutLogic is interviewing human resource leaders to share their insights on how to make this transition while continuing to build their employee engagement and corporate culture.

Joining us in this interview is Laura Rottingen, the Director of People Operations at YipitData. YipitData is the on-demand, 100+ person data team for hundreds of the largest hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, private equity funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and venture capital funds in the world. YipitData identifies, screens, licenses, cleans, and analyzes alternative data to help investors answer their key questions. YipitData is a fast-growing technology company based in NYC, with a strong culture focused on mastery, ownership, and purpose.

Below please find the video recording with Laura and a summary of her insights.

What’s Worked Well?

  • Proactive Communication. YipitData’s team members have shared positive feedback that even partial answers communicated proactively have improved employee engagement.
  • Transparency. YipitData’s senior leadership shared a what’s working/what’s challenging POV each week to keep everyone on the same page and rallying towards the company’s mission.

What’s Challenging

  • Recreating social interactions in a virtual world. Pre-Covid, YipitData had a very strong office culture with many social opportunities that were important to building culture and employee engagement.
  • Integrating new team members beyond their teams. Given the company has a strong collaborative culture, it was imperative to find new ways to introduce new team members to all parts of the organization.
  • Training new hires remotely. It is much easier in person to see a new employee struggling and picking up on those social cues to help them proactively. 

Practical Advice

  • Guide new hires on how long they should spending on training tasks and cultural norms.
  • Over communicating. There simply can’t be enough communication in a Zoom filled Covid world.
  • Put on a “social camps.” YipitData’s employee experience manager put together a Zoom program with activities such as cooking, wine tasting, and other learning activities. Team members were able to select their interest area, and it brought everyone together over a fun activity.

We are so grateful to Laura for her insights!


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