ScoutLogic Welcomes Frank Enriquez as Senior Vice President of Global Contingent Workforce Strategy

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Posted by: David Garcia January 20, 2024

Lincolnshire, IL— January 22, 2024ScoutLogic is thrilled to announce the appointment of Frank Enriquez as Senior Vice President of Global Contingent Workforce Strategy. In his new role, Frank will help drive ScoutLogic’s global contingent workforce strategy, including working with clients to develop innovative solutions to meet their most pressing business needs.

With over 20 years of experience in the contingent workforce industry, Frank brings extensive knowledge in management, training, marketing, leadership, coaching, consulting, business unit operations, and sales. He is a consistent contributor and change agent with a strong record of solving problems, providing direction, and building strong relationships.

Frank has made significant achievements in revenue growth, risk mitigation, and relationship building. His strong leadership skills and collaborative mindset have helped him to develop strategic plans that have led to the growth and success of many organizations. He is highly organized, a critical thinker, and possesses excellent communication skills.

Frank has demonstrated a passion for uplifting service and has been a self-motivated problem solver throughout his career. He is an organizational planning thought leader and a team player driven by his desire to deliver exceptional results.

“ScoutLogic is delighted to welcome Frank Enriquez to its leadership team,” says ScoutLogic CEO David Garcia. “Frank’s extensive background in the contingent workforce industry and his proven track record of success makes him an exceptional choice for his new role.”

As Senior Vice President of Global Contingent Workforce Strategy, Frank will play a critical role in driving ScoutLogic’s growth and success. He will work closely with the company’s clients to provide innovative solutions that meet their most pressing business needs.

“I am thrilled to join ScoutLogic and be part of such a dynamic team,” says Frank. “I look forward to working with our clients and leveraging my skills and experience to help them achieve their business goals and drive growth.”

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