What is a ScoutLogic Scout, and How Do They Help Recruiters?

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Posted by: David Garcia June 15, 2022

ScoutLogic specializes in completing quick, thorough, and compliant background checks that give recruiters the gift of time to focus on finding outstanding individuals for their organizations.

The Role of a Recruiter

As an essential part of human resources, recruiters are involved throughout the talent acquisition process. They are considered experts in finding, attracting, and placing high-quality candidates into well-matched roles that ultimately contribute to a company’s bottom line.

An essential part of the recruitment process can be performing comprehensive background checks. Because there can be many invisible steps and compliance complications, this process can quickly become delayed costing time, money, and frustration for both the candidates and recruiters.

The Cost of Hiring

Attracting and selecting a great candidate costs time and money. The Average Cost Per Hire (CPH) is $4,000, including internal costs such as compensation for hiring staff, administrative and equipment fees, and training, plus external costs like background checks, preliminary screening, and staff sourcing.

Efficiency is undoubtedly paramount to profitability in the world of business. However, shortcuts and inefficient hiring practices can ultimately cost your company dearly. According to Northwestern University, 74% of employers have reported hiring the wrong person for a position.

A bad hire costs- on average, at least 30% of the individual’s first year expected earnings. In its article, The Cost of a Bad Hire, Northwestern offers three ways to improve your odds of making a good hire:

  • Implement a rigorous selection process that includes behavioral interviewing, skill assessments, and reference checks.
  • Don’t sacrifice quality for speed: You are likely better off leaving a position unfilled rather than hiring a poor fit.
  • Try before you buy: Consider using a “temp-to-hire” approach which will allow early assessment of the candidate’s performance and cultural fit in the real-world setting.

ScoutLogic Can Help You Avoid the Cost of a Bad Hire

Depending on the industry, a background check may include verification of identity, employment and education, criminal check, verification of professional certification, credit check, and drug screening.

As you can imagine, you can be met with barriers and, therefore, costly delays at each of these points due to information accuracy, incomplete release forms and authorizations, and bureaucratic obstacles. But again, this is not an area you want to employ shortcuts or allow oversights.

Aside from the multi-step process inherent in a comprehensive background check, third-party communications can further prolong your turnaround times as a recruiter.

A recent article by ScoutLogic outlined the intricacies of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, scheduling barriers related to drug testing, complications in accessing court records, and conducting education and employment verifications as common factors delaying the completion of background checks.

Unlike third-party vendors who are likely to outsource your inquiries to impersonal call centers and put the responsibility on you to follow up with status checks, ScoutLogic uses a dedicated service model. We assign your business a personal Scout who will become a trusted and invaluable extension of your recruiting team.

Because your Scout is dedicated to you and your business, they understand the candidates you seek and are knowledgeable about industry-specific qualifications and verifications.

Your dedicated Scout will personally perform fast, thorough, and compliant background checks, follow up with candidates on challenging information inquiries, chase down elusive verification details, and proactively notify you of potential delays to keep you informed and moving through the hiring process.

Scoutlogic Scouts are incredibly responsive to recruiter needs with a dedicated service model. They can complete background checks faster than the industry average and with more accuracy and completeness — saving you time and money. Let’s review a few key performance metrics highlighting the value of adding a ScoutLogic Scout to your recruiting team:

Faster Criminal Searches

ScoutLogic’s criminal searches are considerably quicker than the competition, taking 20 to 30 percent less time to complete. Not only does their unique supply chain process return faster results and enable proactive notification of potential delays — your Scout will chase down critical information on your behalf, saving you valuable time.

Faster Verification Searches

On average, ScoutLogic completes verification searches in less than three days compared to other companies’ four to six days.

Lower ‘Dispute Rate’

Unsurprisingly, candidates are likely to dispute results when they become aware of inaccuracies in their background checks that interfere with their ability to secure employment. Not only can resolution be time-consuming, but it can harm the employer-employee relationship from the start and have associated litigation costs. ScoutLogic’s rigorous quality control and attention to detail results in a dispute rate of less than 1% compared to the industry average of 2-3%.

Lower ‘Unable to Verify’ Rate

Contrary to popular belief, what you don’t know can hurt you. The inability to verify a candidate’s background information puts you in the position to decide in the absence of data.

You may err on the side of caution and let a fantastic candidate pass you by, or even worse — you could be on the hook for the cost of a bad hire.

ScoutLogic Scouts are committed to tracking down that hard to verify information yielding an “unable to verify” rate of less than 10% — significantly lower than the industry average of 20-25%.

In Summary

Implementing a rigorous selection process is paramount to minimizing your company’s CPH. Through our dedicated service model, ScoutLogic Scouts are incredibly responsive to recruiter needs. ScoutLogic’s “Scout” service model operates as an extension of your recruiting team. Your dedicated Scout proactively notifies you of issues, learns your business’ and your candidates’ needs, and provides compliance support.

They can complete background checks faster than the industry average and with more accuracy and completeness, giving recruiters the gift of time to focus on what they do best, finding great talent for their companies.

Visit ScoutLogic for more information and a free assessment.

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