What is continuous background screening?

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Posted by: David Garcia January 18, 2021

What is continuous background screening?

Continuous background screening is a service that runs regular background checks on your existing employees. These services provide notifications of any changes in the employees’ criminal history allowing you to understand any increased risks to your workplace.


What happens if your employee commits a crime? While HR Departments have almost exclusively focused on running background checks as part of a pre-employment recruiting process, 12% of the workforce will be arrested in the next five years (source: SJV). It is highly likely you have employees who have been convicted of a crime while employed at your company.

In addition to the safety of the workplace environment, employee convictions can negatively impact your brand. To help employers, there are continuous monitoring background check products to help reduce your risk. These solutions monitor on-line court records and provide a notification to employers should an employee be arrested. Continuous background checks are becoming more reliable as more court systems move to online records systems, as well as due to advances in technology to scan the Web and analyze data. However, these solutions are not fool-proof, as not all U.S. counties are on-line today, but they provide a substantial advancement over a “one & done” approach.

What about compliance?

We always recommend you check with outside counsel to assess the legal risks for your organizations. At a minimum, we recommend that you review your current pre-employment background check consent forms to ensure candidates have agreed to background checks post-employment. Not all states allow running additional background checks without additional authorization (e.g. California), so a legal review is especially critical. You will also want to review your employee manual to ensure clarity on any policies related to post-employment criminal activity.

ScoutLogic Can Help

ScoutLogic offers a 24/7 continuous monitoring background check solution. This solution covers 85% of U.S. incarceration facilities and provides instant notifications to clients of any activities. ScoutLogic’s mission is to make background checks easy for recruiters. Our unique “Scout” service model provides faster reports, better quality, and great recruiter & candidate service. 


ScoutLogic is not a law firm and nothing in this article should be construed as legal advice. Always check with a qualified attorney before making any changes to your program

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